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Product Quality Commitment

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Product Quality Commitment

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 The whole product quality guarantee time of the series of the slagging machine equipment produced by our company is half a year. If there is something wrong with product quality within six months, the company is responsible for the warranty. But after the expiration of the warranty, you can have the priority and preferential price to purchase the vulnerable parts and  our company will provide follow-up service.

After-sales service commitment


For your company buying my company's slagging machines, our company makes such commitments in the after-sales service as follows:


First, our company provides “three guarantees” (for repair, replacement or compensation of faulty products, except damageable parts (see instructions list); electric appliance for three months, hydraulic pressure parts for six months, motor for a year, mechanical pieces for a year, oil tube for half a year, electric roller for half a year (except the loss caused by improperly operating or failing to use operating instructions and other reasons);

Second, to ensure the quality and quantity and deliver machines on time;

Third, our company free provides operator training in our company, and in the field, we provide 1 - 3 days of operation and maintenance personnel training to make sure that  operators can operate machines independently.

Fourth, for the technical consultation, to give answers at any time;

Fifth, in the delivery of the equipment, the company should deliver the following things to buyers: shipping list, product qualified certificate, product samples, product specification, technical data;

Upon receipt of a letter or telephone from the users’ responding quality problems, ensure to arrive at the scene within 24 hours and solve the problems quickly.

 Mar. 10th 2016

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